Hospital Gowns Reimagined

Starlight Gowns are a perfect gift for a child going into the hospital. These bright, comfy, and healthcare professional-approved hospital gowns help a seriously ill child feel like a superhero.


disruptED brings learning to life through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) children’s learning tools for Pre-K to 3rd graders. disruptED’s AR books create an emotional connection that can improve a child’s creativity and allow them to enhance their imagination by interacting and playing with content and characters in each of their books. Proceeds from every sale of the AR Kits or AR Bundle Kit go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation!

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Meet Captain Starlight

Seriously ill kids are superheroes and Captain Starlight is their biggest fan, their best pal, delivering smiles and fun directly to their hospital room.  

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